Friday, February 27, 2009

Local Boutique Owner Collaborates with "What Not to Wear" Host

Local fashion boutique owner, Janice Moskoff, is collaborating with "What Not to Wear" host Stacy London on the "Find the Look, Keep the Look" program that is striving to educate consumers on the proper ways of cleaning your clothes to help them keep looking like new.

Sponsored by Woolite, the Find the Look, Keep the Look Program will be making its' debut in New York on March 10, 2009. Moskoff and London will be there to help kick off the launch of this Program. During this economic roller coaster we are going through, this program is aiming to help that fashionista stay up to date by not burning a hole in her pocket. One of the easiest and most cost efficient way in achieving this is to properly clean your clothes to keep them in mint condition. Too many people aren't taking the time to carefully read the care label on garments. "Find the Look, Keep the Look" is going to help consumers keep their styles looking fresh and in good condition in order to save a penny or two.

RUNWAY TO RETAIL: Tell us about "Find the Look, Keep the Look"!

It is an innovative program designed to help the savviest of shoppers stretch their fashion dollar further. It assists the fashion-conscious find the right styles with its comprehensive online look book which features 10 fashion boutique owners from around the country. And within the look book it provides invaluable fabric-care tips that help today's budget-pressed shoppers preserve and gently launder their most-beloved pieces from high-end designer denim to paper-thin cotton tissue-tees. Women spend a lot of time finding the look; Woolite helps them keep it. For more information about the program, visit:

RTR: What was it like being chosen as the only Chicago boutique?
It was an honor. I join an elite team of 10 boutique owners around the country that have been designated Woolite's Style Stars. It is an opportunity of a lifetime - especially as the Woolite and Beta Boutique message of stretching a shopper's fashion dollar further is so perfectly aligned. Beta Boutique shoppers love a good deal. They especially love high-fashion at an affordable price. And although many of my shoppers are already die-hard Woolite fans, by participating in this campaign I will be able to remind the rest of them that there is a high-quality alternative in caring for their most prized fashion finds.

RTR: What is the biggest tip you can give to women while dressing in a recession? JM: The three c's - 1) clean your closet, 2) chuck the items you don't wear and 3) carefully shop for well-priced investment pieces such as coats, dresses, cashmere sweaters that indulge the shopping bug while standing the test of time.
-Katie Davidson