Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night With Moët & Chandon

Oscar night was the perfect opportunity to pop the champagne and celebrate a year of filmmaking. Speaking of champagne, Moët & Chandon had more than just movies to toast to. The French label was dubbed the exclusive champagne of the 81st Academy Awards, and decided no better way to celebrate than with a nationwide party! Bejeweled Moët bottles graced the tabletops of Moët & Chandon Oscar viewing party venues throughout the country.

The 1028 Gallery in Chicago provided an Academy Award-worthy swank affair complete with a bank of floodlights, camera crew, red velvet ropes, and a step-and-repeat that recreated the red-carpet experience indoors. Chicagoans hit the red carpet dressed to the nines about the same time as the celebrities on Oscar night. Chicago-based rep for the champagne, Kimberly Burt, constructed the loft into the complete Oscar experience with rooms specifically designated for coat check, a red-carpet entrance, and lounge areas to watch the award ceremony. “I wanted to be sure that everywhere guests turned, they were experiencing the excitement of the Oscars,” she said. The invite only affair catered to some 150 tastemakers, business leaders, and media players. The open loft provided old-Chicago personality and style with its aged brick walls and dimly lit bar room. Guests sipped bubbly Academy Award-themed drinks from their chic seats as they enjoyed the show from flat screens near by.
-Jackie Medler

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