Friday, February 6, 2009

To The Cor!

Spending $125 on a bar of soap may sound a little extravagant. But here's what you should know: Calling Cor a soap may be a bit misleading, because this is no dime-store bar. The Cor Silver Soap was created by a yoga accessories brand called Plank. Just to clarify, it's not entirely made of silver, but it contains a formula of nano-silver. Cor’s all-natural formula also includes four different types of collagen and utilizes the power of the silver to block acne-causing bacteria while expediting cell repair. It also has a much lower pH level than most soaps on the market, so while it may give you a squeaky-clean feel, it's not as drying or harsh as some bars. You cleanse with it for 30 seconds and then leave it on for two minutes to let the ingredients work their magic. Cor claims to reduce the signs of aging, maintain the skin's natural moisture, and reduce sunspots and pore size. We also can't get enough of their lotions in the Silver Series - The Silver Anytime Lotion ($115), The Silver Wrinkle Serum ($120), and The Silver Eye Cream ($115)!

With being selected as one of the first 50 products to launch with U*tique, the luxury beauty vending machine set to debut next month, is definitely noteworthy. As the website ( tells us: Cor. That’s deep.
-Chloé van der Wel

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