Friday, February 20, 2009

Factio Magazine's Winter Issue Launch Party

Elite's Kasia Koniar

The snow hit the ground once again, just in time for the Factio winter issue launch party held on February 19th. The subtle evening set by candlelight in the Versailles-esque Crimson Lounge focused around the latest issue launch. Put on by Maven's weekly event, The Diva Series, the event celebrated with host Melissa Maynard, Factio's editor-in-chief and those featured in the latest issue,
including jewelry designer Dana Levy, marketing exec Meghan Goulette, interior designer Michelle Williams, and socialite and blogger Candace Jordan!

Guests gathered in intimate corners and velvet booths to catch up with each other and the latest home/style fashions from Factio. Bubbly champagne and rich wines poured glass after glass as guests celebrated through the night. Pick up our latest issue off of Michigan Avenue or the chic boutiques of Bucktown or visit our website to order a subscription. Keep warm in these last days of winter with our latest issue. However, be on the look out for warm weather because spring and all its fashion glory is not too far ahead!
-Jackie Medler

Halo's Bob Patrizi (pictured left)
Host Michelle Williams and Skirt PR's Jenn Lake
Gen Art's Marcia Callaghan and Lauren Hurley

Guest wearing Dismero!

ILIA's Magda Cardona-Lyke, Remi Odunsi and Christine Miller
Guests check out the latest issue of Factio

Host Dana Levy and Mallory Kohlmeyer

Kasia Koniar, Jenny Berg and Lynne Bredfeldt

Tim Reilly, Melissa Hadhazy, Andrew Osvalds and Jeff Corney

Host Candace Jordan (in orange) surrounded by friends

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