Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baron and Templer Launching New Magazine?

Surprising news came in the form of co-editorial director Fabien Baron leaving Interview and taking creative director Karl Templer with him. More surprising news? It's rumored that Baron may be launching his own publication with Templer.

Brant Publications released a statement in response to their exits, confirming that Baron decided to resign "in order to focus on his fashionable ad agency Baron & Baron" and Templer resigned "in order to focus on other projects."

Baron also commented on his move — "now it’s time to focus all my energy on my own business and the many clients that have been loyal to me over the years" — but does his "own business" include a new magazine, as the buzz among his colleagues indicates? His "many clients" — which include luxury brands that Baron directs and sometimes even photographs ads for — could allow Baron to be "especially well positioned to land what remains of [luxury print advertising]."

Meanwhile, back at Interview, M/M Paris, who just like Fabien Baron are well-known for their work with Vogue Paris and luxury advertising, are said to be taking over creative direction. -Chloé van der Wel

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