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The Beauty of Bobbie Thomas

Bobbie Thomas

Bobbie Thomas was in Chicago last week and we caught up with the beauty, to discuss just that, as well as her perspective on fashion!

You wear a lot of hats! Style Editor for NBC's “Today” show, co-host of the Style Network's “Fashion Police,” style correspondent for E! Entertainment's red carpet specials, columnist for inTouch Weekly magazine. What’s been the most rewarding thing about all of
your job?

You know how they say women can never have too many shoes? Well, women can never have too many shows. I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity through all those outlets to put my message out there. I just want to empower an encourage women to express themselves. And so here I am, wearing different hats but very happy to do so. And any way I can do it, through a column or through a segment on a morning show, or through “Fashion Police,” at the core I hope the impression I leave is that I always approach it in a way that’s inclusive.

What are some of the biggest summer trends in fashion you’ve seen in Hollywood?
Maxi dresses, a lot of prints, gladiators; a lot of people dipped artwork and sketch work – putting drawings on t-shirts and sweats, like Lauren Moshi; I saw summer jeans lighten up – baby blues come back, even some of them torn; Katie Holmes’s cuffed up boyfriend jean, credit originally to Alexander Wang’s runway, of course; neon nails and color eyeliner also popped back.

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You’re a big advocate of season-less style. With all the fall trends coming out in magazines and bombarding women, any advice for the upcoming season?
My biggest piece of advice is general: enjoy the fact that being frugal is very stylish. Even if you have money to buy a resort collection, you’re not going to. We’re focused on reusing, rethinking and reinventing. A great example is Rebecca Taylor, one of my favorite contemporary designers. By using beautiful fall florals, she inspired me to share with women to not put their summer wardrobes away. Take three favorite summer dresses, regardless of print, and layer the longest dress, then a shorter summer dress, then a shirtdress unbuttoned, and belt it all together. Add boots and a chunky cardigan, and here you have three summer dresses for a really cool look. Or take sheer camis or sheer slips, layer them over a fall turtleneck to get a Vera Wang look. It’s almost like layering your favorites from spring and summer for a fall look. This is also one of the biggest seasons for costume jewelry. Accessories and accents are really taking shape. It’s exciting – there’s something for everyone, bohemian or minimalist. You can change the shape of everything with accessories.

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Describe your daily beauty routine.
I cleanse with Clarisonic, which is my favorite solution. It uses less product, and the brush helps break up debris without stripping your skin. I moisturize with at least SPF30, with hyaluronic acid serum to boost hydration: it holds 1000 times its weight in water, and draws moisture from the air into the skin. Throughout the day I reapply SPF with a mineral powder by Peter Thomas Roth. It’s a white translucent powder that comes out of a brush. It’s a great way to blot makeup.

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Beauty line/product you can’t live without?
Glominerals is the best for concealer and powder. It’s the first line to really manufacture powders in really finely granulated way. It’s developed like a higher-end makeup, and it’s blendable. The only issue I would say is to always be careful to choose colors and textures that work for you.

How does fashion translate into your sense of self?

I really tune into my emotions. That phrase, “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” is an understatement for me. I wear my heart all over! I talk through my wardrobe. Style is the way you speak to the world without words. If you understand power and the language of what you wear, you can send the message louder than you could ever scream it. Fashion is a beauty tool, but style is self-expression. You can do that in so many ways. I’m here to share my perspective, translate what I see; that’s my job and I honor that. We’re all busy, we’re all smart, and we all just want information to use to our best ability. I just love sharing information with women.

Read the entire interview with Bobbie Thomas, click here.
-Grace Bahk

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