Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kate Moss to Launch Velvet Hour

The fabulousness of Kate Moss seems to have no boundaries. The once "heroin-chic" model of the '90's has taken off in many commercial endeavors with much success. Her latest venture is her second fragrance, Velvet Hour. Her second fragrance is supposed to stir up feelings similar to the ones she feels at dusk. She describes that time of day as very sensual and sexy, so she has attempted to translate that into her fragrance.

Velvet Hour's notes include blue pepper, cashmere incense, freesia, patchouli, nutmeg, sandalwood, amber, ebony, and wood. The feminine woody scent seems to be a trend in fall fragrances, so we'll have to see how fragrance developers can make a wood scent feel feminine and soft.

While the bottle does not convey the elegance Moss seems to expect her fragrance to inspire, hopefully the fragrance itself will be elegant enough make us forget about the I Dream of Jeannie-like bottle.

Moss will be promoting the fragrance with the line, "Embrace the night." The Eau de Toilette is currently being sold in Europe and will likely launch stateside later this Fall.

-Kelsey Bristow

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