Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicago Fashion on the Rise

The Chicago Fashion Incubator Event

New York and L.A. watch out, because your middle-man is about to go solo. Chicago is rapidly expanding its fashion wings and coming into its own as a fashion destination. Macy’s is ready to launch Chicago fashion by making Chicago designers bigger than ever.

In a joint venture with the city, Macy’s has allowed the Chicago Fashion Incubator to be born.
This project focuses on keeping local designers in the windy city and making-a-go of business here, instead of fleeing to the coasts. So far, the Incubator has allowed six local designers to promote and enhance their clothing lines, after being given design space and proper lessons to improve their work.

All six designers were featured at the Chicago Fashion Incubator’s first party last night, August 26, 2008, at the Devon Seafood Grill in Chicago.
Guests happily sipped their cocktails and munched their delectable hors d’oeuvres and incredibly delicious desserts, while previewing garments from each designer. Important Incubator Board members such as Ralph Hughes, Jason Felger, and Macy’s Media Relations Officer Andrea Schwartz were all in attendance and very excited to finally get their operation off the ground. The three explained how they want to fuel fashion beginnings in Chicago, hence the name “incubator,” and that they want to keep taking in local designers and blending them into the Macy’s name. All proceeds from the night went to the Chicago Fashion Incubator funds.
-Jackie Medler

Kristin Rosynek Hassan of Organik Revolution

Lidia Wachowska of Evil Kitty
photos by Alyssa Blanchard

Check out the six talented designers and their web-sites….

Agga B. Raya www.aggab.com

Glenn Mallory www.glennmallory.com

Kate Coxworth www.kateboggiano.com

Kristin Rosynek Hassan www.organikrevolution.com

Lidia Wachowska www.evilkitty.net

Yana German www.yanacollection.com

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